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We lead ourselves to people, places and circumstances for our own personal growth. Whatever the reasons, you have visited this site; consider the circumstances that have led you here.

Why people seek counselling

Most issues that prompt people to seek counselling are issues relating to relationship problems. These problems can be in the form of extra marital affairs, verbal or physical abuse, drifting apart, lack of communication to understanding. In many cases, a small number of counselling sessions can help to re-light the missing flame.

Naturally there are some issues that can take longer to resolve, but these issues can most of the time be rectified.

Depression may have all, or some of the symptoms, as described below to a greater or lesser degree:

• Anxiety
• Low self-esteem
• Stress management
• Communication
• Self-motivation
• These and other issues, is what counselling is often sought for.

These problems then may lead to:

• Depressed mood feelings
• Tearfulness
• Sadness, or empty feeling
• Loss of interest
• Decreased appetite
• Insomnia (unable to sleep)
• Feeling flat, (fatigue no energy)
• Having guilt feelings over nothing
• Lack of concentration
• Suicidal

Therapy will help in:

Communication: know, honour, and learn to speak your truth.

Mind profile: determine the current stresses in your life.

Stress management: learning coping skills and creation of choice.

Relaxation therapy: connects with and balances the polarities of self-defeating conscious and subconscious programming and limiting beliefs.

Self esteem: learn to know what you want, achieve your goals and love who you are.

Self identity: understand identity issues, fears, defences clarify values, purpose and direction.

Relationships: learn to create the relationship you value. Understand the role you are playing and how to change.